Family-Owned Rocio’s Handmade Tamales a Hit

Photo Courtesy of Rocio’s Handmade Tamales

By Allana J. Barefield 
Staff Writer 

In 2014, Rocio’s Handmade Tamales was established in Dallas and despite a hiccup because of COVID-19, this family business is on the rise now that it has re-opened after closing for several months.

Much to their delight, their customers returned for their delicious menu items at the Dallas Farmers Market location, where they have been located the last three years. 

Market goers are able to grab fresh produce but also head to Rocio’s for treats like their handmade tamales, pickles, Kool- Aid, and corn in a cup. 

According to the owners, for years customers have posted in front of their stand, smiling and enjoying their food. Rocio’s wants everyone to have a good time and support their business. 

“We just want to make people happy, enjoy good quality food and live life,” said one of the owners, David Quintero. 

Located at 1103 South Harwood Street Rocio’s is open on weekends from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm.