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My Truth: Let’s Eat

By Cheryl SmithPublisher These are the times. Yes, these are the times! Former U.S. Trade Ambassador Ron Kirk once said that small businesses are the backbone of America. Unfortunately with …

Simple Steps for COVID Prevention

Positive Reflection Ministries’ Feeding The Community: Last Saturday of Every Month

Positive Reflection Ministries’ Feeding The Community: Last Saturday of Every Month

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My Truth: Let’s Eat

Paid Sick Leave Necessary

What’s On Miles’ Mind: Flavor

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Hollywood’s Movie Review: Coffee and Kareem

By Hollywood HernandezEntertainment Reporter Coffee and Kareem is the new adult comedy starring Taraji P. Henson (Empire), Ed Helms (The Hangover), and Terrence Little Gardenhigh, starring in his first movie, …

AMC Seeking Government Assistance


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Promise Kept: Socialites Make Room for Homeless Teens

By Eva D. ColemanLifestyles Editor/Photographer Lisa and Reggie Perry light up any room they walk into. Their presence is immediately felt because they’re always impeccably dressed and their personal display …

Soul Talk Launches

About Your Hair: Boys And The Barbershop


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“It’s a Bleak Time” Sports Journalists Affected by COVID-19

By Dorothy J. GentrySports Editor In addition to schools, businesses and the government, the global Coronavirus pandemic has also taken a toll on sports worldwide, throwing sports— and the people …

WNBA Announces Season Delay Due to COVID-19

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Community Calendar: 3/15-3/28

Note: Please double check to ensure that prospective events are still happening as events are being postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19-related social distancing. Recurring Events Free Job Training, Jobs …

Community Calendar: 3/1-3/11

Community Calendar: 2/23-2/29