11-Year-Old Nigerian Boy is Coming to the U.S. for Ballet

Anthony Mmesoma Madu/Photo Courtesy of Reuters

By Allana J. Barefield
Staff Writer

An 11-year-old Nigerian boy’s dream came true all from one video going viral. Anthony Mmesoma Madu, of Largos, made a captivating video dancing that reached millions and celebrities such as actress Viola Davis. Madu is shown practicing outside of his dance school, Leap of Dance Academy, where he started dancing barefoot in the rain in a pair of shorts and a tank top. The feedback of the video was positive as social media users expressed happiness at seeing a boy who loves to dance ballet. 

Madu has now received a scholarship to New York’s prestigious American Ballet Theatre. As of now, he will attend a virtual three-week Young Dancer Summer Workshop remotely and has been given internet access. Next year, he will travel to the U.S. to work on his craft, with the help from his scholarship from Ballet Beyond Borders.