My Truth: How About Every Day?

By Cheryl Smith

On a call recently we were celebrating birthdays and someone asked everyone to share their best Christmas memory and what they are grateful for today. The stories were diverse. Some were funny while others brought tears, revelations, and even some apologies. Many admitted that the past year changed their perspectives on a lot of things. Some are more loving, forgiving, compassionate, and thoughtful. All said they felt blessed!

Which brings me to my truth.

Yes, it has been a tough year. Actually, it has been a “MAZE-Featuring-Frankie-Beverly” type of year filled with JOY and PAIN. Just recalling some of the emotions is enough for me to not want anyone to experience the painful moments. While the joys, coming in the form of births, weddings, celebrations, etc. were so beautiful, the pain, in the form of deaths, illnesses, losses, injustices, accidents, racism, and so on were sometimes so unbearable. I only want others to feel joy. I wouldn’t wish pain on anyone.

And that is why I am sending out well wishes to the young “brothers” who stole my car this year. I hope they wake up with a new mindset and focus that will make them become productive citizens in life. Utilizing my skills from years of Perry Mason, Law and Order and even Mayberry R.F.D, I discerned that these young men smoked marijuana, drank alcoholic beverages, had a serious case of the munchies (a condition that is likely to occur when you smoke marijuana), needed a place to change their clothes and, they are headed for bigger troubles if they don’t change their ways. I collected enough of their stuff to gather DNA and there was also a videotape of their crime.

Sadly, however, even with intervention from the mayor’s office, the police department couldn’t complete a report, and couldn’t even return a call. I would like to say because the focus was not on my little issue, crime was down but that was not the case. It is my hope that the necessary resources will be provided so that every citizen can feel safe, protected, and heard. Maybe catching the culprits today could save them from enhanced charges in the future. To their credit, the culprits dumped everything out of the car. In their haste, they overlooked several money orders and gift cards.

What they did get, however, was a lockbox gifted to me from my dearly-departed Mother. For that alone, I wanted to find them and whip their butts! Still, I wish them no ill-will. Instead, I wish them intervention because doing what they are doing and traveling the road they are traveling is not a good thing. It is my wish that we can save our children, help our law enforcement do a better job, support and grow leadership, lift as we climb, take care of the less fortunate, leave no one behind, stay safe, and respect and love! And we can’t do any of those things if we don’t first BE SAFE! Wear that mask, wash those hands, and stay home!